0.    Cover page

Add a cover page including:

  • A team name
  • Name of all team members
  • The date and year


1.    Team members

Who is on the team? What is their cultural background? What can each member individually bring to the team (area of expertise): e.g., role, personal core value, skills, personal slogan, character trait?

Ask yourself: Which of my strengths can I contribute to achieve team success?




(cultural background)

Contact details Area of expertise
Goerens Julien Belgian +32/473.21.02.63 HTML/CSS/PHP/
Alcabir Houssam Blegian +32/486.47.59.52 HTML/CSS
I can make good PowerPoint
Delbrassinne Opaline Belgian +32/475.24.71.81 Creativity, design, logos, SEO, HTML/CSS
Cristián Fritis Chilean +569 30030831 HTML/CSS/Angular.
Francisco Ortega Chilean +569 62438246 AI/ PS / HTML / CSS / Creativity / Illustrator / Logo
Martina Barbachan Chilean +569 53253027 AI/ PS/ HTML/ CSS



Chilean +569 65378643 AI/PS/HTML/CSS/ID
Angela Duarte Chilean +569 966850013 Translator partner
De Claremont Florian Belgian +32472.31.20.96 HTML/CSS/PHP/Asana


2.    Role designation

The responsibilities for this project are shared by all team members. Consequently, it is useful to divide the main roles amongst the team. Think about the roles each team member will take up (column 2), based on existing expertise (see part 1).




Team member’s name Possible roles within the project team
Possible role: Design, SEO, Content, …
Houssam Content,
Florian SEO
Julien content
Martina Design
Opaline Design, SEO
Fritis Content
Francisco Design
Laura Design
Angela Translator, content


3.    Critical success factors

What could prevent the team from working together fruitfully and reaching their goal? What individual circumstances of team members should you consider e.g. campus student vs. commuter student, working student, medical issues? List 4-6 possible challenges (column 1).

In addition to these, there may also be obstacles linked to the assignment e.g. low response to surveys.

State what the team will do in a practical way to avoid/overcome these challenges (column 2).


Possible challenges Solution/Response to the challenge
One hour call minimum per day Doing a call teams separately, in one way we have the student of Belgian where they can speak French and maybe explain what we must do for the other student. And doing the same thing for the Chile student.


4.    Expected norms

What do team members expect from each other to be successful as a team? This is an important part, as it could be regarded as a recipe for success. Important elements are listed below, but you could add more. Use the box in the bottom for your answers.

  • Communication

Which platform will you use for your online meetings? TEAMS

How will you contact each other and stay in touch? Whatsapp

How often will you communicate? Every day when the experience starts

Below you will determine the dates for your online meetings already.

Meeting Wednesday 4/05 at (Belgian: 05:00 PM) and (Chile: 11:00 AM)


  • Decision making and problem solving

What happens if a deadline is not met? More communication, speaking with everyone

What do you expect from each other in terms of punctuality? Be on time

How will you take decisions? How will you come to an agreement if there is no consensus? Majority if above of 70%, if not we have to give more arguments and discuss more.


  • Respect for team members and their cultural values

What are values the team finds important?

Be respectful, listen to the opinion of the other member, don’t be aggressive, try to give argument, if it’s not respected, we will apply big sanction.


  • Team atmosphere

How will you create a pleasant atmosphere in the team? Choosing one person per call who talk about a story or a joke. We cannot choose the same student 2 times

How will you celebrate success? A call after the international week

What generates energy in the group? What gets everybody running and going for the best results?


  • Quality of work

How will you ensure that each part is checked for quality by at least two group members? How will you create a coherent whole rather than a patchwork of different styles?  We can create an agreement between us for what style we are going to use and not create inconsistency. And triying to work in pairs to minimise those problems

How will you check the language?  Using web correctors


  • Goal

What is the goal the team wants to reach? When are all the team efforts successful?


Area Expected norms for this group project
Cristián Create a good website, improve our speaking abilities with others, help each other and be respectful with the other members of our groups.
Opaline To do a quality job, try to give a best of ourselves and dare to speak English with the others,
Martina Be respectful, help group members
Julien Make a good job, improve our English, be respectful
Houssam Try to give our best, improve our communication with others
Francisco Good communication, respect and cultural exchange
Laura Share our knowledge and experiences to develop a better result.
Angela Be respectful with others, try to give best of ourselves, help each other
Florian To dodo my best for the works, try to communicate in English and listen the others. Be available and open-minded.





5.    Anti-plagiarism charter


Anti-plagiarism charter


1.     I know that plagiarism is wrong. Plagiarism is to use another’s work partially or completely without correctly referring to that source. I am aware that plagiarism is considered an irregularity by the University College and that plagiarism detection software is used.


2.     I have referenced to and listed all sources used for this group project according to the APA style. I know that this applies to all types of sources (texts, images, music, data files, …). Each time someone else’s work was used, correct reference was made. I have also made correct source references for quotes, translations and paraphrases.


3.     I acknowledge that copying someone else’s work, or part of it, is wrong and declare that this group project is all own work of the team members.


4.     If I based myself on work that I made earlier, I explicitly asked the lecturer for permission to reuse my own work. In addition, I have mentioned this in the work itself.


5.     I have not allowed, nor will I in the future allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as their own work.



6.    Commitment

All team members declare their agreement with the team charter and their commitment to comply with it.

I declare that I will keep the content of this team charter confidential and will not share this document with people other than the team members and the teacher.

Team member’s name Digital signature Date of signing
Angela Duarte I untertake to respect this charter 28/04/2022
De Claremont Florian I undertake to respect this charter 29/04/2022
Goerens Julien I undertake to respect this charter 28/04/2022
Alcabir Houssam I undertake to respect this charter 28/04/2022
Delbrassinne Opaline I undertake to respect this charter 28/04/2022
Cristián Fritis I undertake to respect this charter 28/04/2022
Martina Barbachan I undertake to respect this charter 28/04/2022
Laura Ayca I undertake to respect this charter 28/04/2022
Francisco Ortega I undertake to respect this charter 28/04/2022