The Qhapaq Ñan is so dense with it tend to ancient legend and culture so here some of the legend you will find some interesting story

Legend of the Parinacota Volcano and Pomerape Volcano.

According to one of the legends (because there are many) Parinacota and Pomerape were two lovers.

However, their relationship was prohibited and punished by someone who was against their union. So, this person turned them into twin volcanos. They are always next to each other, staring but they cannot touch each other.


The legend of the table of the church of Parinacota.

The ancient habitants of the community of Parinacota tell the legend of a wooden table in the church of the town. This table was just there like any other furniture of the place.

However, even though it didn’t have too much use, people were always aware of its worn-out legs. It is said that, one night, someone saw the table walking out of the church, dragging its legs through the streets with four candles on it, like it was a funeral.

Suddenly, the table stopped moving right in front of a house, and after that, some person of that house died.

People believed that the table was under a spell or possessed by a demon or evil spirit. The fear of death was too big that they attached the table to a pillar of the church, until this day.