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Daily report Day 3 – Group 1

Belgium report: From 10am to 14 pm We all started to build the website together with the design and the content that the Chilean created for us. We did the subtopic history and created template for the chileans students (The origins and technology over time) Ask for :...

Daily report Day 2 – Group 1

Belgium report: From 10 a.m. to 14 p.m.: One member of each team was picked to collaborate with each other and to make decisions in regards of the website in general. The decision we took are the fol lowing: To choose a common layout for all the pages   To create all...

PhotoMontage –Group 3

Foto montaje creado por los estudiantes de diseño grafico,junto en colaboracion con los estudiantes de belgica"Ilustraccion creada por Araceli Morales,Fabian Blanco y Juan Perez"

FeedBack Day 2 | Group 4

Feedback team 4: Day 2 We created our five pages on the website (tourism, discover, services, best places, list of monuments).   We put the same template for each page on the website. We choose a panel of color and the policy that we will use for the website (...

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Summary of Day 2 | Group 4

There’s a pdf with the logo. There’s a pdf with the mockup. There’s a doc with the information in Spanish and English for the webpage, but it’s not complete. The design students worked on the logo, there’s a pdf uploaded with the logo. Also searched photos about the...

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Daily report day 2 — Group 3

Reporte diario de actividades del grupo 3  10/05  1-Se presencia la reunión del día 2, con dinamicas de estudiantes Chile-Belgica.  2-Nos solicitan información mas detallada para complementar la información del día 1.  3-Se ve la página web que desarrollan los...

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Feedback Day 1 | Group 4

Feedback Group 4 Day 1     Each group created a site map for the website and we voted for the best: Here is the best sitemap according to we. If you want to see it clearly: here is the link: After that with our groups we created a...

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Team Charter | Group 4

TEAM CHARTER FORM     0.    Cover page Add a cover page including: A team name Name of all team members The date and year   1.    Team members Who is on the team? What is their cultural background? What can each member individually bring to the team (area of...

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Summary of Day 1 | Group 4

Summary of Monday the 9th Our topic is tourism services In the morning: * The design students modified the moodboard that students from Belgium made. You can take a look on the document they uploaded in teams and discuss if you want to keep it or change something....

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Daily report day 1 — Group 3

Reporte diario de actividades por el equipo 3  09/05  1-Se presencio la charla inicial del dia 1  2-Se conversa con los estudiantes de belgica sobre el avanzo realizado por ellos(ModdBoard).  3-Se deja una retroalimentacion sobre el MoodBoard.  4- se recopilo...

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