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Cruz de mayo

The cruces de mayo, are a syncretism between Catholicism and the tribute of the Malkus or tutelary hills. In this festivity of the cruces de Mayo different villages are visited and honoured by the devotees who attend their apacheta to pilgrimage several kilometres from the town. During this celebration and only for this feast, devotees sing the Kukulis, or “versos de mayos”. Sad tunes to sing, to dance and to brighten up the days

Jurasi thermal springs

Located to the west of the village of Putre, at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level. You can enjoy the channeled slopes, which are hyper thermal springs considered medicinal waters. These slopes arrive at 2 places, one is a puddle outdoors, and the other arrives at a cabin with swimming pool made of concrete. The water temperatures are between 53° and 50 ° C, while the average annual ambient temperature is 10° C. To the place can be reached you can go by the CH-11 road and in a detour traveling 3 km. by the Northwest slope.

Lake Chungara

Lake Chungará is one of the highest lakes in the world, at 4750 m above sea level. This one is situated in the middle of the Parque Nacional Lauca and is down the Payachatas hill (volcano of Parinacota and Pomerape) and the tip of Sajama and Guallatiri. The lake lodges a unique fauna that has more than 130 native species, as for example the flamenco and in addition are surrounded by a singular fauna for example Llamas. It is also characterized by being one of the main attractions within the Lauca National Park, due to its spectacular landscape and topography that invites tourists to appreciate nature and capture the moment.


Salar of Surire

The name of Surire comes from the word “suri” or ñandú, a species of Chilean ostrich that lives in the zone and that can be observed during its visit. At 4,200 m above sea level, this attraction is characterized by its huge salt deposits and high-altitude ecosystems. The monument has more than 11 thousand hectares and is the home of many species of rare fauna, such as rhea, flamingos, Andean avocets, crested ducks and llama’s species, including vicuñas and alpacas. The temperature varies from -15oC (5oF) at night to 5oC (41oF) during the day. Geography corresponds almost in its totality to the salinity, that is appraised clearly in


Volcan of Parinacota

This place is one of the younger volcanos that is part of the group of the Nevados de Payachata throughout the border between Chile and Bolivia. This is a symmetrical volcano, of 6336 ms of height, which forms a twin volcano with Pomerape volcano, of 6222 ms of height. The collapse of Parinacota was several thousand years, which produced a rubbish avalanche of several km which crossed 22 km to the west and blocked the drainages, forming with this event the Chungará lake.


Thermal Springs of Polloquere

Located on the Lake of Surire this thermal bath is 4300 meters high. On the shore these waters have a temperature of 38 °, in the center of the lagoon, the temperatureis greater than 40 °, and already near the origin the water will have the high temperature of more than 60 degrees. These baths in terms of quality are very good, the scent to earth that it has and the minerals are very beneficial for regeneration and aid to the improvement of the quality of life of the person.