Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels :

Hotels in Putre :

– Terrace Lodge and Tours

– lodge at Cali

– La Chakana Mountain Lodge

– cumbre real lodge

– Hotel Las Vicuñas.


Hotels in Bélen :

The Paskana of Bethlehem

Hotels in Socorama :

– Amarka Lodge Socorama

Hotels in Zapahuira :

In this wonderful town it consists of cozy
houses of the same inhabitants, this would
be like hotels for people who come to visit

Hotels in Chapiquiña :

There are no hotels in this area, but family houses
for rent are also a good option, as is the case
with the people of Chapiquiña.

Restaurants :

Restaurant in Putre :

– La casona del rey

– La Paloma Walisuma

– Café Putre

– Flor de restaurant de Rosamel

Restaurant in Zapahuira :

– Restaurant Zapahuira

Restaurant in Bélen :

– La paskana de Belén.

– Victoria Mollo

– Sabores de Belen