Traditional Rituals



Different rituals and traditions in the Qhapaq Ñan

The carnival or Anata Aymara 

Carnival is probably the most widespread tradition of festivities in the Andean community. It takes place from Sunday to Sunday and the fertility of the farms and crops, in general, is celebrated, so it is common for men and women to carry the best of their crops. 

Today, its mixture with the Catholic religion can be seen in the blessing prior to asking Pachamama for permission to carry out this tradition. 

Biblioteca Nacional de Chile.
Floreo of Llamas and Alpacas or Wayñu

Floreo of Llamas and Alpacas or Wayñu 

This is another important and widespread ritual, with the purpose of celebrating reproduction and also thanking the Pachamama and the Mallku (the spirit of the mountains) for the care and affection towards the cattle. 

In the ceremony, material and symbolic elements of the Aymara culture are usually used: people scatter the animals with paper and wine, and they are adorned with red wool and earrings that the women of the community make the day before.