Meaning for Humanity

What does Qhapaq Ñan means to the humanity ?

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The road includes a total of six coun-tries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia (Plurinational State of ), Argentina and Chile.

Its territorial extension reached its maximum extent in the 15th century when it was enlarged throughout the length and breadth of the Andes.

It’s incredible infras-tructure allowed various merchants, travellers, messengers, armies and population groups to travel from the central plaza of Cusco to the outer roads.

Chinchaysuyo, Antisuyo, Contisuyo and Collasuyo map

Its routes (also called suyos or suyus) were divided into four: Chinchay-suyo, Antisuyo, Contisuyo and Collasuyo, all born from the center of Tawantinsuyu, Cusco.