Belgium report:

From 10am to 14 pm

We all started to build the website together with the design and the content that the Chilean created for us.

We did the subtopic history and created template for the chileans students (The origins and technology over time)

Ask for :

  • A picture of a floating bridge
  • Content for the slider ( history –origins )

From 15pm to 18 pm

Games to get to know each other (bingo and pictionnary ) .

 Change we need to make after the Gustavo meeting:

  • Dégradé la photo pour ressortir le texte
  • Mettre le texte tout en archival
  • Veulent changer les photos en Icon (si ça ne vient pas de chili)
  • Veut séparer page

Chilean Report:

GENERAL: On the morning meeting, we did some ice-breaking activities, to get ourselves know the rest of the teams. Then, both the Chilean and Belgian team discussed some issues related to the progress on the page. Thanks to the good communication we could solve eveything without problems.

IT STUDENTS: Had a meeting with Juan Hidalgo and the rest of IT Students, after let the team know about the general aspects of the website home page, started to look for ways that can make the website smoother and more appealing to the people.

MULTIMEDIA DESIGN STUDENTS: After discussing it, they divided the work on 3 pages, which were made by the 3 multimedia design students. Obviously advising about the general ideas they have, and in this way avoiding problems and maintaining the status quo of the whole page.




ENGLISH STUDENT: More research and content writing for the website, specifically about other building related to the Qhapaq Ñan and a timeline information required (PLEASE CHECK THE CONTENT DOCUMENT FOR THE CHANGES). He was responsible for writing the content and creating the report in both English and Spanish.