Taking some time for us as a team that had still members knowing each other, we did an activity to talk about interesting and remarkable touristic places of both countries, and just then we made a whiteboard to think about our highlights and things that could improve.

Highlight :  

  • Everybody tries to participate even if not sure if he/she has the exact words. (Compromised, initiative) 
  • The way we have good communication, we work really well. Other groups don’t have the same interaction 
  • Very organized 
  • The escape game was a great highlight, we discovered each other and the culture of our countries 
  • We like the communication between the group and the organization of the group 
  • Knowing each other’s likes while making the group video. 
  • Making a WhatsApp group in which we communicate better and organize our times, this group has allowed us to get to know each other better. 
  • Nice advice from everyone


  • Improvement in digital organization (file locations, file-loader role) 
  • We should be more be carefully of the document (e.g. : the daily report) 
  • We need to be more synchronized but it’s the beginning of the week so we’ll see in few days