Belgium Report

Persons present :

  • MARTINS DIAS Beatriz
  • Leia Chaaban
  • Luca Sanfilippo
  • Yokong Gaston Cédric


Remarks Descriptions
Number of people at work 4
Activities carried out or completed

1-      Creating the tree structur

2-      Creating the moodboard



3-      Determine the colour sheme




4-      Canvas (moodboard)

5- (tree structure)

Next meeting 6-      Tomorrow Tuesday
Activities planned for tomorrow 7-      Start of the creation of the website with the CMS QIRI


Notes:  The Chilean students liked the pictures, and together we changed the colour scheme. Everyone took part in what they would have to do and contribute to the project. The overall meeting with the Chilean students ended at 17:50 Belgian time.

Chilean Report

Day 1

May 9th, 2022

At the beginning of the day, the design team discussed the graphic aspects of the website, looking for inspiration for a mood board and forming the first sketches. The English student, Felipe, made a research on sources for the content we need to investigate about. The IT student, Gustavo, obtained access to the WordPress program, where the web page will be created.

Later on, an expert anthropologist showed up and shared with us his knowledge of the Qhapaq Ñan. As a group, we asked a question corresponding to the assigned topic. At the end of the day, Gustavo met with the supervisor and other IT students to discuss the organization of the home page, reaching a general idea among all the computer engineering students that will later be shared with the rest of the teams.